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Poster: He Live's Date: Mar 12, 2008 8:03pm
Forum: GratefulDead Subject: Re: MARCH 1973 - Other One & Dark Star MEET and go to SPAIN with EYES OF THE WORLD

truly man,

at the time you are just caught up in, what you ate, how you got there, what might happen, and why you should GO OR NOT GO to more shows.... in the IMMEDIATE FUTURE! -- everything is NOW when it's happening -- but hey, that is too much wishing there was more MORE....

BUT BOY.... i love the stories, any details you can offer of the ACTUAL EXPERIENCE ARE greatly cherished to a head like me. HELL hombre, i WAS BORN in 1973 - my first show was brendan byrne OCTOBER '89! i don't really know shit -- i just formed THE BOND at the right time, i.e when i was 16 -- and it just so turns out, i saw the last good period for the group 89-90 -- but of course i didn't know what was what at the time.

just, where am i? how did i get here? do i like it? do i want to come back?

(like most, i never knew what i had 'till it was gone..... i actually cried like a HUGE baby when i heard brent died -- and even at the time i was like a 77 snob or something -- thought i was only seeing a band in decline -- and then just ABSOLUTE FEAR -- that it was all over and i had not consumed enough of ------ the stuff.)

cheers again colorado -- 73 is my year -- if i could go back in time -- put me on that march 73, or fall 73 tour..... WOW